Foster homes are an important part of our rescue group.
Without foster homes, only a fraction of the animals would be saved.

They also allow a traumatized animal the time necessary to recuperate and show their true colors.
Foster homes help train and socialize dogs that need that extra care and attention.

To be a foster home, first you need a love of animals.
The foster you take in may come with a variety of challenges and it requires love and patience to work through these issues.

Midwest Dog Rescue Network provides full vet care for the foster including worming, flea treatment and all inoculations and altering Food, toys bowls, collars, leashes, other supplies are also provided.
What you provide is the loving safe environment so that this foster can become an adoptable pet.

There is nothing more rewarding than taking an animal so near to euthanasia and giving it a second chance.

Can you be that second chance for one of our homeless pets?

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